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If you have a problem with your order, please let us know within 30 days of receiving your products. We will be unable to replace or refund any orders brought to our attention after 30 days of confirmed delivery by USPS or UPS.

It is important to note that every order we produce is 100% custom. We do not allow returns or refunds for reasons that is unrelated to quality. i.e.- we will not refund your order if you decide you do not want it. We will not refund or reprint your order if you ordered the wrong size or prefer a different product. We try to be fair if the mistake is on our end without a doubt we will fix it and make it right.

If your order has an issue due to set up, printing, laminating or packaging please let us know. We will look into the issue and if needed, reprint your order. Refunds will not be given for these issues; only reprints.

If you do feel that there was an error in the quality of your print job, we will be happy to look in to the issue you are having. One of the main problems we encounter is based on what you see on a screen versus what is printed out from our machines. There are many variables that can sometimes change the appearance of colors, brightness, and contrast of your images. So if we do find that we need to reprint your order, we may ask for your assistance to get the order right, and might request a photo or further instructions before reproducing your reprinted order. We just want to know how to make it right!


We will process your refund request within 2 business days. Once we submit a refund to your bank or credit card company, it can take up to 4 business days to see the credit on your statement. This usually has to do with the policies and procedures of your bank or credit card company.

If you haven’t received a refund yet, contact your bank or credit card company. They should be able to answer any questions as to the delay.


We want you to know that we stand behind our products, our process, and our print quality. Our guarantee is to stand behind this quality and service. We don’t assume liability for lost sales, labor costs, or other costs associated with your order if there are issues with your order, but we definitely have you covered on reprinting your order and the shipping costs. As we do guarantee the quality of our prints, shipping is not guaranteed to arrive on time since we use USPS and UPS.

We appreciate your business, and thank you for choosing AADesigns! We hope to print another order for you soon!