Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR codes send users on to specific information or web pages, just like any other QR code. What makes them “dynamic” is that the URL encoded in them redirects to a second URL that can be changed on demand, even after a code is printed. Static QR codes can’t be changed in that way. In simple terms we can update the QR Code at any time without having to reprint the entire order.

The Legal Stuff

To achieve the dynamic QR Code we do use a third party vendor MeQR.com. Some data is collected such as the amount of users scan and the location of the scan. Here is privacy policy of MEQR.com Click Here.

AADesigns does not use any of that data or statistics of the QR Code. We are working on providing the data to you our customer that way you can see the benefits of the QR Code.

If you wish to opt out of MEQR code please let us know in advanced and we can create a static QR Code with no redirects or any dynamic QR code functions.